financing home repairs to avoid further damage

financing home repairs to avoid further damage

Companies That Can Benefit From Small Business Administration Loans

by Albane Francois

Small business administration loans, also known as SBA loans, have helped businesses expand and reach their customer bases for decades. These loans are designed to help small businesses get needed equipment, advertising, and hiring costs covered through these loan programs. If you are considering opening a business in the next few months, this type of loan may help. Here are some companies that can benefit from these types of loans and how the loans help. 

Laundry Service Companies

There are many businesses that are catering to the daily needs of customers. These companies offer services that are normally done in the home. For example, laundry services. With the chaotic lifestyles many people have, having someone that can handle the laundry is a time saver. Some of the more profitable laundry services are ones offering pick-up, washing, drying, folding, and delivery of the clothes. These businesses can benefit from SBA loans by having the funds to buy laundromats and multiple washing, drying, and folding stations to handle client needs. 

Catering Companies

Catering is no longer used for events. Catering businesses have expanded to offer meal planning for many of their customers. This meal planning requires meeting with the client and determining the menu that best suits them and their family. The meals can be simple dinner options or full-service options to include snacks and drink mixes. Catering companies can offer these services in addition to the event services they already offer. By using SBA loans, they can expand their staff as well as purchase catering vans and equipment. 

Daycare Providers

Home daycare services are becoming increasingly popular. There are many children that need daycare services due to their parents' work schedules. However, there are also many children that have special needs. These needs may require different caregiving as well as dietary needs. As a daycare provider, an SBA loan can help purchase special needs-related equipment for daily use. There are also safety features the loan can cover to help offer a safer play environment as well. 

If you believe SBA loans may help with your new business start-up, contact your local SBA office. They will help you with the paperwork you need as well as aid you in applying for the right loans for your needs. If you have questions about loan repayment or the loan options available to you, an SBA representative can help.

For more information on SBA loans, contact a company near you.


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financing home repairs to avoid further damage

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