financing home repairs to avoid further damage

financing home repairs to avoid further damage

Checking Accounts: Why Pay For Something You Can Get For Free?

by Albane Francois

Are you trying to determine the right type of checking account for you? If so, you may be like many others who like the idea of free checking, and why not? It may not seem right to pay for an account each month from one bank when others are offering you the same thing for no charge. Here is more information that explains free checking accounts and why you might want to give them your business.

What are checking account fees?

A checking account that has a monthly fee is one that charges you for using their banking services. The fees can be structured in different ways. One bank might charge you a monthly fee regardless of your balance or your banking activity. Another bank might charge you a monthly fee only if your balance falls below the amount that's required to avoid fees. Another bank might charge you monthly fees if you don't use your debit card a specified number of times each month.

What is the problem with monthly fees?

There can actually be quite a few problems with monthly bank fees. For one, some banks will take the fee automatically from your account when you don't even have enough in the account to cover the fee that month, then charge you an overdraft fee for going negative. Another problem with fees is they can make things harder on you. If you are required to use your debit card so many times every month to avoid the fee, you might find yourself doing five transactions at one store checkout to beat the clock on paying the fee, which is an annoyance.

What does a free checking account offer?

A free checking account can be set up in different ways. Sometimes, a free checking account is offered to those in the military or those in college. Other times, a free checking account may be offered to everyone. The checking account may be a basic account instead of a premium account, but if you are like many people a basic checking account may very well be all that you need to take care of all your banking.


If you don't need all of the features of a premium account, you don't want to worry about having a certain amount of money in your account, you don't like the idea of paying for something you can get free, then check into a free checking account.


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financing home repairs to avoid further damage

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