financing home repairs to avoid further damage

financing home repairs to avoid further damage

Three Things to Know If You Bail Someone out of Jail

by Albane Francois

When you get the phone call from a loved one that he or she is in jail, they are likely calling you for help getting out. He or she will probably tell you the amount of the bail and where they are located and they may ask you for help. If you do not have the financial means to pay the bail on your own but still want to help out, you could call a bail bondsman for assistance. If you use a bail bondsman for this purpose, here are three important things you should know about this.

Paying Bail Does Not Get the Defendant off the Hook

While you might be able to bail your friend or loved one out of jail, which will get them back home, you should understand that paying bail does not get him or her off the hook for the alleged crime. Your friend will have a court process that he or she must go through, even though he or she is no longer in jail, and this is important to understand when you bail them out.

You Will Have Responsibilities

The second thing to understand is that if you are the person getting the bail bond, you will be responsible for it. While you will not personally have court hearings to attend and rules to follow, you will have the responsibility of making sure your loved one does exactly what the court tells them to do. If you do not make sure of this, you could lose the money you put down and owe the rest of the money from the bail bond.

The Defendant May Have Restrictions That You Should Know About

Finally, it is vital to understand that the defendant in this case may have restrictions while they are out of jail on bail. If the defendant breaks these restrictions, he or she may have consequences to face. One restriction might be that the defendant cannot leave the state. If they do and they are caught, there will be penalties to pay. There might be additional restrictions that he or she must follow, and the court will tell the person what these are. It is also your responsibility to learn these so that you can help enforce them.

If you need assistance with paying bail for a loved one, you can get it by contacting a bail bondsman in your area.  


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financing home repairs to avoid further damage

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